Surfing is more than catching waves

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One of the best sessions I have ever had was with 3 other friends in South Mission Beach, CA. We all met up one summer day when the water was just starting to warm up. During that day we were visited by a family of dolphins. One very curious dolphin swam right to my friend James and checked out him and his board. I paddled over to were they were, which, was just five feet away, and I began to get a little afraid. I know they are just dolphins, but this is their domain and I don't want to threaten them with my presence because they did have their kid with hem. You can never be too cautious. Anyways, the dolphins were friendly and they didn't bite us. I told the other guys, look, I'll be the first person ever to be bitten by dolphins as I paddled over to the.

Yep, so of the best sessions are not caught on film and are best shared of a glass of beer.