Skateboarder Josh Utley

Skateboarder Josh Utley I have been skateboarding for around 25 years. Holly shit that is a long time to do something like this. I used to go all out and Ollie down the 15 set at Silvergate Elementary and do any large gap I could find. Usually it was just to show everyone else I could. I was doing well for awhile and I had a sponsor, if you could call them that, for awhile. I learned early that being sponsored had it's down side. And my particular experiences showed me that the skateboarding scene was just as much about who you knew as it was what you could do. Look at everyone today. They are all trying to kill themselves for...what? A Paycheck? To show how bad ass they are? I don't know, but I can tell you I know how it feels to slam and slam hard. That's why I got out of the pursuit for fame with it all. I got out because the fame goes away and we grow old. There is nothing we can do about it. However, I still skateboard. I basically have the same trick list as I did 15 years ago, with one difference, I do it for fun. Skateboarding is so much freak'n fun! I also surf short and long boards as well as snowboard. What I get in return is a healthy body and a bit of respect for the skills. I may not be trying to kill myself anymore, but It think that doing what I do, for me, is, in a way, even more satisfying than being sponsored. No one to tell me what and when to skate. I skate what I want when I want. I surf the breaks that I enjoy and the mountains that I want. My advice: Remember what it is about skateboarding that got you to pick up a board and stick with that. If you happen to find yourself on a team somewhere and it is good then you should enjoy it while it lasts.  Skateboarder Josh UtleySkateboarder Josh UtleySkateboarder Josh Utley Skateboarder Josh UtleySkateboarder Josh Utley Interview for Skaters for Public Skateparks Forum: Read More