The rain has arrived!!!!!

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Well my family down south, I hope its sunny and warm, cause its cold and rainy up here. The rain coming down this morning was crazy, wiper's full blast, top speed on the freeway was 45mph. The only saving grace for having any kind of outdoor activities this weekend is at the one indoor skate park in Sacramento, which isn't bad cause there is some s__t to shred. People are all talking about how bad things are in the U.S. and people can't deal with all there problems, Let me give you some insight. I surfed almost every day, skated almost every day, and now I skate once or twice a week if I can. If you think about it, that could be a little depressing or sucks to be you. I am actually feeling blessed right now, My girls are happy, I'm happy, have a job, have high hope's with strong faith, and these are some of things we all need to maintain a stable life. So at this point of my 1st installment the uplifting thing I can say to everyone is, [do what you can and push forward hard as you can.]

Ever Forward

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I hear that. The rain is depressing. No surfing because it's all polluted and wind blown. No skateboarding, locally at least, because our park gets all wet.

The rain finally decided to stop and Jonathan, Joaquin and I all went for a session.