Lesson's of skateboarding around a camera 101

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So, one September day after some home made fish tacos with Joaquin Tena and a few mixed drinks to wash down our sorrows I'm asked if I want to go skate. Well, duh I'm on it, let's go. So, with a major buzz on I meet up with some friends at the Coronado Skate park and begin my session. I'm just having fun carving the same old lines and so on. There is a camera around so of course the little grommets flock to where ever it is pointing like flies on shit. So, most of the time, I just got about my session where the grommets are not. This is cool because now they are not in my way. But, sometimes a simple unstructured game of S.K.A.T.E. can not be resisted.

This being said I decide to go and participate. The camera does weird things to people. Suddenly we are trying tricks we have yet to perfect and going bigger then my current buzz recommends. I try a pressure flip over the cones? For one a pressure flip doesn't work well over obstacles at all. It's more of a fancy filler trick strictly for flat ground or at best off some stairs, so why did I try it over a cone, there was a camera pointing at me I guess. And, in another failed attempt at catching the camera's eye I throw down at least two extra hard pushes towards that deep eight foot bowl in the back to go ubber big with a front side air out, which resulted in my face connecting with the bottom of said bowl. Hey, I didn't loose my teeth and therefore I am happy. Bummer I didn't get any of those airs caught on film though.

If you'd like to see a few shot's from the park of myself and some grommets just go to the photo gallery at Silverfish Longboarding and check them out.

My lesson learned here is the following: if there is a camera just skate like you know you can, go bigger than usual and I guess don’t be shy because your photo just may show up some where and you will be kicking yourself in the ass, as I did, knowing that you could have done better.