Summer Time Blues

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During the last six weeks I have had the pleasure of hanging out with my son, Rayen, and daughter, Kira. We have been surfing, body whomp'n, skateboarding, and all that a southern California kids can do. It's amazing to see them grow up so fast.

Rayen has been to the local OB skatepark a few time and is able to handle the transition better and better with each session. About two weeks ago he had a little mis-hap on my longboard while skating up the street to the neighbor's house. He hit a crack and then his chin, splitting it open real good. As the nurse in the E.R. said, "You did quite a number on your chin didn't you?".

After that little issue he decided he was better off on his bike for awhile. So, he has also hit the park with his bike a few times feeling out the transition. Just last weekend I introduced him to dirt. We went over to the old bike jumps at Sunset Cliffs where he just did awesome. He called some kids that were three years older Wusses for not hitting a jump he had already hit a number of times. I'm a proud father for sure. Surfing didn't go so well and that is basically because I'm such a hard ass about it I think. Either that or he needs a bigger board.

While Kira is not an extreme sport girl she keeps me plenty busy with her girl needs. However, she has become quite the ocean girl I must say. She LOVES big waves and the cove was her favorite place for the first two weeks for sure. Now, after taking her to La Jolla Shores that is her new favorite. That is where she learned to go under the waves instead of trying to jump over them.

All in all this has been fantastic summer filled with friends, laughs and good times. Thank you to everyone who was apart of it!