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Summer Time Blues

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During the last six weeks I have had the pleasure of hanging out with my son, Rayen, and daughter, Kira. We have been surfing, body whomp'n, skateboarding, and all that a southern California kids can do. It's amazing to see them grow up so fast.

When I looked up the sun was shining through

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Oh Man!!! Today is a good day. My neighbor stopped by and asked if I wanted to paddle out. I was all over it because earlier around 10:30 this morning I had already seen the overhead swell and glassy conditions. We just paddled out right here off of Santa Cruz Street. It was a bit of a rough paddle gett'n out but well worth it. I had to sit outside for awhile to regain my energy before I could even paddle over to where he was so we could talk between sets.

Surfing is more than catching waves

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One of the best sessions I have ever had was with 3 other friends in South Mission Beach, CA. We all met up one summer day when the water was just starting to warm up. During that day we were visited by a family of dolphins. One very curious dolphin swam right to my friend James and checked out him and his board. I paddled over to were they were, which, was just five feet away, and I began to get a little afraid. I know they are just dolphins, but this is their domain and I don't want to threaten them with my presence because they did have their kid with hem. You can never be too cautious.

Lesson's of skateboarding around a camera 101

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So, one September day after some home made fish tacos with Joaquin Tena and a few mixed drinks to wash down our sorrows I'm asked if I want to go skate. Well, duh I'm on it, let's go. So, with a major buzz on I meet up with some friends at the Coronado Skate park and begin my session. I'm just having fun carving the same old lines and so on. There is a camera around so of course the little grommets flock to where ever it is pointing like flies on shit. So, most of the time, I just got about my session where the grommets are not. This is cool because now they are not in my way.

Lincoln, NE

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Revoked Lincoln Nebraska

Snowboarding: Big Bear, CA

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Big Bear California

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