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Putting in WORK!

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Good times in the sunshine, sundown, and sunset for me yesterday. Since I've been back to Sactown I've mainly been sk8n granite skate park AKA Disneyland of sk8 parks! its 15 minute from my house, free no enforcement at all and lastly its concrete. Basically only sk8d 1/2 the park but had some s__t to throw down.
Hopefully soon I'll have some shots on the sight from that day.

The rain has arrived!!!!!

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Well my family down south, I hope its sunny and warm, cause its cold and rainy up here. The rain coming down this morning was crazy, wiper's full blast, top speed on the freeway was 45mph. The only saving grace for having any kind of outdoor activities this weekend is at the one indoor skate park in Sacramento, which isn't bad cause there is some s__t to shred. People are all talking about how bad things are in the U.S. and people can't deal with all there problems, Let me give you some insight. I surfed almost every day, skated almost every day, and now I skate once or twice a week if I can.

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