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Along with the many improvements to our Revoked Life website, the creation of our Revoked Life Facebook Page, Joshua Utley, CEO of Intrepid Network has been been hard at work designing and developing our marketing and advertising collateral.

Check out our new vinyl banner that we had made at

Live Dangerously

To live dangerously means to live life as if each moment is its own end. Each moment has its own intrinsic value.

And you are not afraid.

And you know death is there and you accept the fact that death is there, and you are not hiding against death.

In fact, you go and encounter death. You enjoy those moments of encountering death -- physically, psychologically, spiritually.

Enjoying those moments where you come directly in contact with death, where death becomes almost a reality, is what I mean when I say live dangerously.

Love brings you face to face with death.

E he’enalu me ka ho’ihi

E he’enalu me ka ho’ihi (Surf with Respect)


Beginning surfers should surf where the waves are softest and most forgiving. ONLY THOROUGHLY COMPETENT SURFERS SHOULD SURF THE PEAK OR CRITICAL SECTION OF ANY BREAK. This is where the fastest waves are, plus it harbors the most advanced surfers and the most powerful impact zone. It is not a safe area for learning to surf.

Summer Time Blues

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During the last six weeks I have had the pleasure of hanging out with my son, Rayen, and daughter, Kira. We have been surfing, body whomp'n, skateboarding, and all that a southern California kids can do. It's amazing to see them grow up so fast.

PACSUN Clash at Clairemont 3

Hey Everyone,

This saturday March 14 is the PACSUN Clash at Clairemont 3. Gates open at 10am and close at 5:30pm.
Admission is $10 and kids six and under are free. Here is the link for the website and additional info.

Putting in WORK!

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Good times in the sunshine, sundown, and sunset for me yesterday. Since I've been back to Sactown I've mainly been sk8n granite skate park AKA Disneyland of sk8 parks! its 15 minute from my house, free no enforcement at all and lastly its concrete. Basically only sk8d 1/2 the park but had some s__t to throw down.
Hopefully soon I'll have some shots on the sight from that day.

The rain has arrived!!!!!

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Well my family down south, I hope its sunny and warm, cause its cold and rainy up here. The rain coming down this morning was crazy, wiper's full blast, top speed on the freeway was 45mph. The only saving grace for having any kind of outdoor activities this weekend is at the one indoor skate park in Sacramento, which isn't bad cause there is some s__t to shred. People are all talking about how bad things are in the U.S. and people can't deal with all there problems, Let me give you some insight. I surfed almost every day, skated almost every day, and now I skate once or twice a week if I can.

When I looked up the sun was shining through

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Oh Man!!! Today is a good day. My neighbor stopped by and asked if I wanted to paddle out. I was all over it because earlier around 10:30 this morning I had already seen the overhead swell and glassy conditions. We just paddled out right here off of Santa Cruz Street. It was a bit of a rough paddle gett'n out but well worth it. I had to sit outside for awhile to regain my energy before I could even paddle over to where he was so we could talk between sets.

Surfing is more than catching waves

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One of the best sessions I have ever had was with 3 other friends in South Mission Beach, CA. We all met up one summer day when the water was just starting to warm up. During that day we were visited by a family of dolphins. One very curious dolphin swam right to my friend James and checked out him and his board. I paddled over to were they were, which, was just five feet away, and I began to get a little afraid. I know they are just dolphins, but this is their domain and I don't want to threaten them with my presence because they did have their kid with hem. You can never be too cautious.

Lesson's of skateboarding around a camera 101

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So, one September day after some home made fish tacos with Joaquin Tena and a few mixed drinks to wash down our sorrows I'm asked if I want to go skate. Well, duh I'm on it, let's go. So, with a major buzz on I meet up with some friends at the Coronado Skate park and begin my session. I'm just having fun carving the same old lines and so on. There is a camera around so of course the little grommets flock to where ever it is pointing like flies on shit. So, most of the time, I just got about my session where the grommets are not. This is cool because now they are not in my way.

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