December 2009

The Jams


3404 30th St
San Diego, CA 92104
United States
32° 44' 6.8604" N, 117° 8' 20.0688" W
3rd Saturday of every month
Sonny Phono (SF) & Trevor Young

You know the drill, NOW every 3rd Saturday at Bluefoot - W.Steele (Sleeping Giant) & J.Blow bring you The Jams. Nothing but those cuts that make you say… “DAYUMMMM that’s my JAM!” 9PM-1:30AM - NOT to be missed.

Since The Jams is now moving to 3rd Saturdays and Bluefoot and we're kicking it off big.

All the way live from SF is the homie Sonny Phono. He don't come to rock in San Diego much so get it while you can. ALSO... the homie Trevor Young is also rollin through to get down.